For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Pros: Streamlined process, best showing times, saves money. Cons: Biased home value, inexperienced, no marketing Real Estate

When you are looking to save money when you sell your house, you may be considering putting it up for sale by yourself instead of using a real estate agent.  This concept is called For Sale By Owner (FSBO).  There are definite pros and cons to using this process. Make sure that you thoroughly think through all your options when deciding what’s best for you and your unique situation.

Making A Home A House

Possibly the hardest thing about selling your house yourself is detaching yourself.  When you move into a house, you may hear that now you will get to make a house a home.  If you are selling that home yourself, you have to make that home a house.  You have had a number of experiences in this place, some may be life changing. This can make it hard to see the value of your home through the eyes of someone else.  Your house has a value to you that it will not have to others. That may have you misjudging the market value of your house and you could have pricing issues due to those colored glasses.

If you feel you are able to sell your house through objective eyes, selling it on your own can have the benefit of streamlining the process for you.  When you don’t have an agent representing you, you get to represent yourself. This means you don’t have to have any middle man doing the negotiation or representing your home for you.  You know your home better than anyone and might be able to sell all its highlights the best.  Sometimes it takes living in a house to truly appreciate certain parts of it. Your house has hidden gems that only you would know about.  

Controlling Your House Selling Process

While you can streamline the sale of your home, you actually get complete control over the entire process.  If you have never sold a house before, you may not truly understand all that the transaction could entail.  Considering your house is likely the largest investment and asset that you `have, control of the process can be important to you.  It can also be a daunting task. There is a lot of paperwork and multiple people get involved in selling a house.  While control may be a great thing to have, do you really feel you are the most equipped person to be in control?

One of the best parts about selling your house is true control over HOW you show it to people.  Many agents will come into your house with a preset plan in place on how they plan to sell your house.  This could include weekly open houses, showings on weeknights, daytime access to your house, etc.  You could be needing to make sure your house is ready for potential buyers at the drop of the hat!   If your lifestyle is not currently conducive to keeping an immaculate house, you may find yourself in some difficult situations. Showings could be hard for you to be available for, and could frustrate an agent you may work with as you don’t align with their system. If you handle all showing times yourself, you can skip the frustration and have your house showtime ready on your own time.

Money Should Always Be A Factor When You Sell Your House

One of the more obvious benefits to selling your own home is the money that you could save.  The cost of having a realtor handle your sale can cost you thousands of dollars at the end.  However, you could also lose money by not using a realtor.  Real estate agents have tools at their disposal that help get the word out that they have listed a house.  Less people seeing your home could mean that it will sit longer than usual waiting for that right buyer.

At the end of the day, the transaction that you want is the transaction that will serve your ultimate goal.  There are pros and cons to any type of transaction. You need to know what you need to get out of the sale of your home before you jump in and get started.  If a cash offer is what’s right for you, Eric with ASDM Homes is here to help! We can give you a fair cash offer, help with all the legalities, and streamline the process to help get you home sold and cash in your hand fast!  Contact Eric today!