Beating the buyers market when selling in California's San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties Real Estate

The buyers market that we are seeing in San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties may have you feeling like your house may not make the cut.  If you are ready to sell, letting the current market status get in the way can be disheartening and keep you from moving into your next chapter in life. But where there is a will, there is a way!

No matter the market, Eric with ASDM Homes is ready to give a cash offer on your home! In many cases, accepting a cash offer for your house can be the best solution for you and your family.  We offer solutions to many problems that sellers face when selling their homes, including beating the downsides of a buyer’s market.

Problems In A Buyers Market

When selling in a buyer’s market, the biggest problem is your competition.  Not enough people are looking for a home like yours, so you need to find ways to make your home stand out and give people a reason to consider your home in their journey. 

Your Home Needs To Be Priced To Sell

In order to compete and get your house sold, you have to be priced competitively.  A good price will make your house stand out from the crowd and attract more potential buyers. While your house does have a market value, you can price it lower in order to try and attract more buyers to your house in a shorter time period.

You Need To Get Your Home Dressed To Impress

When getting ready to sell your house during a buyers market, it’s important to have your home looking ready to compete! Your house is competing with others like it for buyer attention, you need to give them a reason to stop. Here are a few ideas to get your house to stand out:

  • Fresh coat of paint on all the walls
  • Spruce up the front porch with a power wash, fresh coat of paint, and fresh decor
  • Declutter the house of all personal effects and extras
  • Make updates and upgrades to highlight the best parts of your house

Give Yourself Proper Expectation

One of the best ways to prepare to sell your house in a buyers market is to set your own expectations.  The waiting period when selling your house can be brutal.  You may start to question what may be “wrong” with your house. You may be thinking of pulling your house off the market, or changing the price you are asking for. 

How To Beat The Buyer’s Market

If you are wanting to avoid waiting a long time for your home to sell, or you don’t want to spend the money to compete with other sellers in your area, accepting a cash offer is the way to beat the buyer’s market.

When you accept a cash offer, it comes with many advantages that make it stand out from a traditional offer

Full Payment

A cash buyer is able to provide all of the money to purchase your home up front.  This also gets rid of any need for the buyer to get a loan approval, which means you won’t have any hold ups with the process or receiving a mortgage.  

Faster Closing Process

Since accepting a cash offer bypasses the loan approval process, selling your home can close much faster than deal done the traditional way.  If you need to sell your home quickly and not wait for a buyer to come your way then hope they don’t fall through, cash offers are the offers to accept!

Reduced Contingencies

Cash offers often come with fewer contingencies compared to financed offers. For example, cash buyers may waive appraisal and financing contingencies since they’re not relying on a lender’s valuation or loan approval.  You also will likely not experience any requests for repairs or credits as you move through the closing process.

When you go with a traditional sale during a buyer’s market, you will likely have a number of contingencies on your offer.  This could mean needing to make repairs before selling, or offer reduced price or financing in order to close the deal

Increased Certainty

A cash buyer can give you, as the seller, a greater sense of certainty that the sale of your house will go through.  When Eric buys homes, you don’t have to worry about financing, inspections, repairs, or prolonged negotiations.  Without all of the hoops, there are much fewer pitfalls that the deal may come to.

Easier Transaction

Selling your home to a cash buyer streamlines the transaction process by eliminating the need for lender involvement, reducing paperwork, and simplifying the closing process. This can result in a smoother and faster transaction for you!

The Result

Cash offers are a great asset to sellers who need to sell in a buyer’s market, allowing you to have an enjoyable transaction process.  The process is tailor made for people who have specific needs that are hard to cater to when listing your home on the open market.  The cash buyer has more freedom to offer you what you need.  Need more time?  Don’t want to do upgrades? These types of desires make the thought of taking a cash offer for your house appealing.

Eric with ASDM Homes has specialized in cash transactions in San Joaquin and Stanislaus for almost 20 years.  He is here to help you make your next real estate move as quickly as possible!  Contact us today to start the process and allow Eric to give you a cash offer on your house.

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