Maximizing Your Home Value Before Selling - Putting time and money into your home is essential when preparing to sell if you want to get top dollar on the sale of your home. Real Estate

When you are looking to sell your home, you are likely curious about how much you can get for it when you sell.  Your home value takes a lot of factors into consideration. One factor is how upgraded or newly renovated your home is. If you have an older, distressed, or vacant house, the thought of renovating the property can be overwhelming.

Having a cash buyer purchase your home without going on the market can save you from the costs of trying to sell your house without renovations. Outdated homes or homes that need extra love tend to stay on the market longer. If you have one of these homes, it will end up costing you for every month that it’s listed.  If you want to sell your home on the market fast, think about these areas when choosing which updates to do.

Where To Start

If you are putting your home on the market, you will likely want to connect with an agent.  They can take a look at your house with you and make suggestions on what you should think about focusing your upgrades on.  They should have a decent pulse on the current market and tell you which renovations or upgrades will give you the biggest bang for your buck!

The Big, Hidden, Details In Your Home Value

First thing to look at is the foundation.  You may want to have some pre-listing inspections done on your home. These can help you identify the hidden problems that may arise.  You may need to invest in “not fun stuff” such as a new roof, new windows, or other foundational fixes.  They may not seem like they will make a difference to your home value because you may not be able to see them. However, the information will come out during an escrow process and could change the entire nature of your deal. For more upfront assurance, these fixes can give you a solid footing for your upcoming house sale.

Give A Good First Impression

Giving your outside a good clean up could be one of your best, and cheapest, investments to increase your home value.  The first impression that people get of your home is the outside.  When looking at your house online, that is the first photo they will see. That photo could make or break whether they even consider buying your house. And if they decide to come and take a better look, your front porch needs a good sprucing!  While their agent is trying to figure out the lockbox, they will be getting a good look at the front porch.  Make sure it’s not a space that could scare them off!  You can consider a fresh coat of paint on the house and door, new shrubs or grass, and making sure every light shines bright at night!

Where The Fun Starts

The inside of your house is where things can start to get fun!  The typical places to focus updates will be the kitchen and bathrooms.  New flooring and a fresh coat of paint can also go a long way!  You want a cohesive look through the whole house, so don’t update one bathroom and leave another looking like it came from the 70s.  You also do not want to do anything that is too niched into one specific design taste.  Try to get your house to appear more neutral so that anyone could imagine themselves living there.  If it’s too bold in any direction, your potential buyer could just see work that they have to do to make it work for them.  Something as simple as the wrong color paint could turn an amazing buyer into a missed opportunity.

A California Consideration In Home Values

The recent, rapidly rising, cost of energy in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties have been hard, if not impossible to escape.  When considering what updates to make to your house, keep energy costs in mind!  If you are able to install energy-efficient windows, you can add that detail to your listing to help increase desirability.  Other energy efficient upgrades can include upgrading insulation and replacing your HVAC system for a newer model.  It can increase how your home value for potential buyers. They can see that their monthly payments will be diminished due to the upgrades you chose to make.

Create Functional Spaces

If your house is on the older side, the floorplan itself may be outdated.  Newer homes now boast of open floor plans and high ceilings. Designated office spaces are popular for those who work remotely, and formal dining areas are not as desirable to some.  If you are working with an agent, you will want to talk to them about properly staging your house. 

Reimagine the spaces in your house and think of what they could be.  Could you knock down a wall to get the open floor plan?  Can your dining room be set up as an office space?  Just as when you were considering the updates, you want to make your house appealing to people who are looking to buy and help them see the possibility of them living there.  Another good way of doing this is to not be living in the house while selling it.  You have an established look to your house. While it works for you right now, it may not work for your buyers.  A stager can help move your furniture around to be more functional, but an empty or fully staged house tends to be the better option.

What Works For You?

Eric with ASDM Homes offers an easier alternative to selling your house fast in San Joaquin and Stanislaus county.  Cash offers can help you sell your house quickly, for a fair price, without the need for repairs, inspections, or having a line of strangers walk through.   Selling a house on the market can be a long, costly and difficult process.  Selling your house does not have to be.

If you want to avoid a cash offer is what’s right for you, Eric with ASDM Homes is here to help! We can give you a fair cash offer, help with all the legalities, and streamline the process to help get your home sold fast!  Contact Eric today to find out what you can get for your home and how quickly you can get that cash in hand!