Sell your house fast, but it may not be as fast as you hope. Look at steps to the selling process to see how long it takes you to sell today! Real Estate

The general consensus is that right now is a great time to sell your house!  According to a survey done by Fannie Mae, 66% of people believe that now is a good time to sell your house.  Generally speaking, this is the feeling each late spring and early summer when kids are getting out of school and people are moving on to the next chapter in their lives. 

April brought more people out to buy, dropping the average number of days a house spends on the market down to 37 days in California. That’s the lowest we saw last year as well. However, for some sellers, that’s not going to be fast enough.

The Home Selling Process

There are few steps to selling a house.  They could all affect how long the process will actually take.

Renovations and Repairs

Before your house goes on the market, you will likely have to do some improvements to get a smooth sale. Some of the fixes will be cosmetic.  The aim for these is to get more buyers through your door and a higher price point. Others may be more like repairs – replacing a roof, fixing leaking showers, replacing windows, etc.  Depending on the projects you choose to do, this could take a few days, or a few weeks.  If you encounter problems along the way, it may be longer than you originally planned for.

On The Market – Sell Your House

This is the waiting period.  While your house is on the market, your time will be spent getting ready to move and keeping the house clean! You will hopefully have showings through the week and open houses.You are waiting for the right offer to come in on your house.

The Escrow Process

After you accept an offer, you still need to sell your house. Once you accept the offer, your house will be thoroughly looked at as well as your buyers finances. As inspections and appraisals happen, you could very likely end up in negotiations again.  If your house appraises for less than the previously agreed upon price, you may need to talk about money.  Or if inspections show a number of issues, you may be fixing up the house before closing on the deal.  In the end, you may end up not selling to them at all due to the amount of money or fixes the buyer is asking for. Whatever ends up happening, you are looking at about 30 days in the escrow process.

So you are looking at about 3 months to sell your home if you connect with a good agent today.

Too Long For You To Sell Your House?

This type of time frame does not work for everyone.  You may have a house that you inherited but need to sell because you can’t keep paying both mortgages. You may not be able to afford to make renovations and repairs to the home to make sure it sells. Your property may even be vacant or in disrepair and you are questioning if it could sell if you place it up for sale.

The great thing is that selling your home on the market is not your only option.  Cash buyers like Eric with ASDM Homes come in with a full cash offer, buying your home as is, with an escrow time as short as 7 days!

What Comes With A Cash Buyer?

  1. Full Payment: A cash buyer is able to provide all of the money to purchase your home up front.  This also gets rid of any need for the buyer to get a loan approval, which means you won’t have any hold ups with the process or receiving a mortgage.  
  2. Faster Closing Process: Since accepting a cash offer bypasses the loan approval process, selling your home can close much faster than deal done the traditional way.  If you need to sell your home quickly and not leave deals up to financing problems, cash offers are the offers to accept!
  3. Reduced Contingencies: Cash offers often come with fewer contingencies compared to financed offers. For example, buyers may waive appraisal and financing contingencies since they’re not relying on a lender’s valuation or loan approval.  You also will likely not experience any requests for repairs or credits as you move through the closing process.
  4. Increased Certainty: A cash buyer can give you as the seller, a greater sense of certainty that the sale of your house will go through.  When Eric buys homes, you don’t have to worry about financing, inspections, repairs, or prolonged negotiations.  Without all of the hoops, there are much fewer pitfalls that the deal may come to.
  5. Easier Transaction: Selling your home to a cash buyer streamlines the transaction process by eliminating the need for lender involvement, reducing paperwork, and simplifying the closing process. This can result in a smoother and faster transaction for you!

Cash offers are a great asset to sellers, allowing you to have an enjoyable transaction process.  The process is tailor made for people who have specific needs that are hard to cater to when listing your home on the open market.  The cash buyer has more freedom to offer you what you need.  Need more time?  Don’t want to do upgrades? Don’t want to risk the financial side of the deal to fall through?  These type of desires make the thought of taking a cash offer for your house appealing

Eric with ASDM Homes has specialized in cash transactions in San Joaquin and Stanislaus for almost 20 years.  He is here to help you make your next real estate move as quickly as possible!  Contact us today to start the process and allow Eric to give you a cash offer on your house.

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