This or That Know your options when selling your house Real Estate

Exploring Cash Buyers

A cash buyer is someone who has all the funds on hand to handle the purchase of a home.  They do not have to go through a lender.  You do not have to worry about the buyer situation changing and not being able to close the sale. When you are able to work with a cash buyer, the transaction changes drastically!

Time To Close

When working with a cash buyer, you gain the ability of changing the timeline until you are able to sell.  If you are in need of closing by a certain date, cash buyers are able to accommodate you, within reason, so you can have a faster transaction. They are able to do this because the selling process is a lot simpler.  There are far less hoops that you will need to jump through with them, so you can get to the finish line faster!

Financing Delays

The sale of your house is entirely dependent on the financing of the buyer.  Even after you accept an offer, it doesn’t mean the deal is done.  Inspections and appraisals still need to be done on your house. This can change the financial situation of your deal.  Depending on the value of your home, your buyer could need more cash funds.  They could make a purchase that could affect their ability to qualify for their loan.  The lender may also delay closing as they request more paperwork.  Since cash buyers buy in cash with the property as-is, these financing delays are not an issue.

No Inspections with Cash Buyers

Speaking of as-is, this means no inspections!  Not only does this speed up your sale, but it can help you avoid costs while selling.  If things are discovered during inspections, you could lose the sale due to contingencies.  You could also lose money on the sale or be asked to make renovations to the home in order to complete the sale.  This can delay your sale and potentially end it all-together. A cash buyer like Eric with ASDM Homes are willing to forgo those inspections, making a way for you to avoid all the potential pitfalls surrounding the inspection process.

A Great Real Estate Agent

Working with an agent does not remove the possibility of working with a cash buyer.  There are times after listing your home on the market you could still get cash offers for your house.  However, your agent should be working in your best interest.  Any good agent should have a cash buyer in their rotary to use if they feel it’s in the best interest of their buyer.

If you feel like a cash offer is the right way to go, we can work with you and your agent to work out a cash sale. They can continue to represent you as we go through the sale, and they can get a connection with a cash buyer to help future clients like yourself! If they have not brought it up yet, connect with us and discuss the option with your agent.

The Things That Should Matter To You

Your Personal Wants And Needs

The only way to know what the right decision is, is to set your priorities.  Before choosing the best route, think about the reason that you are selling your house to begin with.  Did you inherit a house you can’t keep? Are you just looking to move into the next life chapter? Do you need the money that will come from that sale quickly?  Setting your priorities is going to help you decide how you will go forward with the sale.

Current Market

After you know what your priorities are, you need to look at the current market. The real estate market ebbs and flows with a number of different factors.  It can be affected by interest rates, the number of buyers or sellers who are in the market at the time, or even the time of year.  The market that you are looking at may not help you meet the goals and priorities you have laid out. 

Getting What You Need

After careful consideration, you will be able to make the best decision for your specific circumstance. But you can’t make the best decision without all of the options.  Don’t let others fool you into thinking that there is only one way to sell a house.  A great agent will help you find the option that works the best for you!

You should be informed of all of the options you have when selling what is likely your largest asset. If you are interested in the type of cash offer you can get for your house, Eric with ASDM Homes is here to help! We can give you a fair cash offer, help with all the legalities, and streamline the process to help get your home sold fast!  Contact Eric today to find out what you can get for your home and how quickly you can get that cash in hand!